Seven Ways Finance Can Become the New Champion of Employee Experience

How to Improve Employee Experience as a Finance Leader 

Finance has a significant part to play in implementing technology and processes necessary to help employees focus on meaningful work instead of paperwork. There are seven steps to make work easier for both you and employees. We know that a fostering a positive employee experience is not only the role of business leader, but also an important factor in delivering on business objectives. In a world where organizations are looking for every morsel of advantage, capitalize on your opportunity to instigate results. 

According to a Gallup 2017 study, employers who focus on employee engagement experience 17% higher productivity, 24% lower turnover, and 21% higher profitability. You can re-examine onerous, poorly designed work processes – such as travel management, expense reporting, and invoice management – and reinvent them using intelligent automation. Start today with these steps: 

1.  Establish your goals. Before improving the employee experience, you must set goals in order to guide the initiative and measure your success. Goals like adoption, user satisfaction, and compliance should be top of mind. With a defined focus, you can evaluate progress using KPI’s including employee satisfaction, cost savings, and solution adoption. 

2.  Build a cross-functional team.  Finance, IT, and HR must work together to implement the technology and processes necessary to help employees work smarter. The most critical employee challenges can be identified quickly when business managers collaborate. 

3.  Determine employee pain points. There will be a different solution for every employee when it comes to improving their experience. By asking your team key questions and keeping in mind both your goals and your culture, you can discover the most effective path.   

Download the ebook to see steps four through seven, and learn why employee engagement is important for helping you reach your employee experience goals.