Business Spend Management KPI Scorecard Template

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Business Spend Management Is Changing. Are Your KPIs Keeping Up? 

Business spending has changed in the last two years and if you are still measuring spend programs with the same old ruler, you may not be getting the answers you need. This eBook provides you a free finance KPI scorecard which includes the new metrics of business spend management program that you should consider making sure you are delivering the impact and results your changing business needs.

What are the key areas of advice in the free KPI scorecard? 

  • Pinpointing potential business risks: Pinpointing risks, like what is being spent on corporate card versus cash and pay attention on categories with high violation rate. 
  • Improving spend management programe performance: Improving programme performance by examining things like unused spend categories and receipt attachments
  • Measuring budget accuracy: Gauging budget accuracy by taking a closer look at areas like late fees, VAT reclaim and payment corrections
  • Measuring utilization: Understanding solution utilization to make sure you don’t leave your existing investment sitting on the shelf. 

Download the free finance KPI scorecard today.