Looking Ahead of the Future of Travel and Expense Management

Since the pandemic began, almost everything about business has changed. This is particularly true of travel and expense management which is experiencing numerous challenges; from expanded duty of care for employees, dealing with new expense types and payment methods, to a shift in employee expectations with the workforce transitioning to a fully remote or hybrid work environment.

As we settle into new patterns of travel and spending, businesses will need software tools to cope with the financial and safety risks of the new reality. Reinventing travel and expense management means getting employees back into the habit of using tools to regain control over business spending and compliance, manage regulatory and tax requirements, and keep employees safe. These are critical to moving your business forward.

In this ebook, we explore five of the challenges impacting travel and expense management and show how companies such as Serco, Cisco, VMWare and more have been transforming expense audits, managing business spend, and leveraging AI and machine learning to automate business processes using SAP Concur solutions. Download it now.