How AP Teams Can Create Cross-Functional Partnerships and Boost Company ROI

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In your daily work in accounts payable, are you and your team feeling the pain of manual processes and paperwork? If so, the rest of your organization probably is, too. Manual finance processes create bottlenecks and other headaches across an organization. That’s because managing company spend has gotten more complex, and companies of all sizes are seeing the need to bridge the gap in finance processes for all work arrangements, gain real-time visibility into cash flow, and keep up on ever-changing requirements for compliance.

So now that you’ve decided to explore a new spend management technology, remember: You’re in a unique position to see your company’s finance process pain points and their impact on everyone. By taking a seat at the table with other stakeholders at your company, you can communicate to them the value of using automation to become more financially resilient and be able to respond rapidly in changing circumstances.