Top Books, Podcasts, and Videos Thought Leaders in T&E Management Love

A person sitting on a chair reading a book off a tablet

Sometimes a good book or podcast is just what you need to unwind or get inspired!

Our list of great reads and must-listens is a great place to start. Our staff and pros recommend their favorites – from well-known classics to life tips and business best practices – these suggestions can help set you on the right path for a prosperous journey.

You’ll find books new and old, some fiction and much nonfiction, some classics and some that might surprise. There’s timeless advice from Barbara Bush, Stephen Covey, and Dr. Seuss – oh, the place you’ll go! There are tales of swashbuckling adventure and ill-fated explorers. The founder of Nike and a podcaster and one-time monk share memories and lessons learned. Books on customer service, productivity, and vision alignment deliver insights that readers use in the office as well as their personal lives. Recommended podcasts feature personal and professional tips and tricks, personal growth motivation, and entertaining ways to learn about the world and the economy.

Download this year’s book and podcast list to get the full list of insightful and inspiring books and podcast our staff and pros love.