Solutions for government and city leaders

Automate spend management to spot budget shortfalls, create efficiencies, and take control of your city's budget.

Modernize expense management for better visibility on spend

Managing a city is no small task. To keep it running well, you need a strong and efficient system in place. SAP Concur gives city leaders the technology tools needed to monitor spend closely, increase productivity, and modernize processes.

  • See where every penny goes and control spend
  • Base decisions on a current and complete picture of financial data
  • Automate processes and let staff focus on strategic tasks (rather than waste time on manual expense reports)
  • Reduce the risk of incorrect and fraudulent payments

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Cultivate compliance in your organization

Mistakes or fraud can take a toll on your organization. To prevent this, you need to make policy compliance both easier for employees and more visible for you. That way, you can spot out-of-policy spend when it happens, prevent losses, and control employee spend.

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Simplify city management with these SAP Concur public sector solutions

Concur Expense for public sector

Integrating all of your expense data means that you can manage your organization’s spend anywhere, anytime.

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Concur Invoice for public sector

From purchase requests to invoicing to payments. Save time and money when you automate your AP process.

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Get a near real-time, consolidated view of your budget and take control of your school district's spend.

Drive for public sector

Get control over driving expenses with automatic distance capture, documentation, and reimbursement.

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Concur Detect

Let AI and machine learning analyze expense reports, speed up auditing, and resolve noncompliance issues.

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