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Concur is the smart choice for colleges and universities of all sizes.

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Higher Education

A complete travel, expense, invoice and risk management solution.

Managing the travel, expense, invoice and risk management operations of a higher education institution can be a headache. Information can get stuck in multiple, incompatible systems, and outdated methods like handwritten forms and spreadsheets just get in the way, slowing the process. Not to mention the lack of visibility into spend data and traveler location.

Concur offers higher education organizations an absolute, integrated and tailored solution for easier management of travel, expense, invoice and travel risk management obligations. Simple, standardized reporting processes create savings in time and money, making sense for all kinds of schools offering post-secondary education programs. In fact, more than 150 institutes of higher learning in the U.S. and Canada (including 75 of the top 200 universities in the U.S.) already use Concur.

Concur works for everyone, everywhere.

The Concur solution is easy for anyone to use and can be accessed on mobile devices as well as desktops. Professors, sports teams and student groups can also arrange and share travel plans as groups. In addition, bookings made outside of an organization’s travel tool are automatically captured and brought back into the system via Concur® TripLink. Concur can even track available funds from grants and other resources common to the higher education environment (example: instead of having to ask someone to submit a travel request and then wait for an administrator to determine whether funds are available, Concur can manage and expedite the entire process). All of which means the submission, review and approval of travel, expense and accounts-payable items is simple and streamlined, no matter the situation or location.

Cut into inefficiencies and redundant systems.

Concur's single-platform, standardized process controls spending and eliminates the inefficiencies created when different departments use dissimilar manual and semi-automated tracking methods for travel and expense. Our software also increases the accuracy of information, eliminating barriers between different segments of T&E and AP reporting and significantly reducing the amount of time necessary to complete T&E and AP functions—whether performed by administrators in the office or travelers in the field. For example, schools using Concur cut reimbursement wait times in half, on average. On-demand delivery of T&E and AP management also frees up your institution’s IT department to focus on more pressing matters (instead of worrying about installing and monitoring expense systems). Concur makes a significant improvement in reimbursement for its users.

Gain total visibility of spending with Concur.

Travel and expense can comprise as much as 10 percent of a budget—and a significant portion of T&E spending is often out-of-policy. However, Concur’s unique spend-control can work with an organization’s policy rules, capture all bookings and create savings as high as 2 percent of an organization’s total budget. When federal funding is a variable, specialized programs also ensure compliance with General Services Administration per diems; lowest logical airfare rules and the Fly America Act.

Easily maintain duty of care.

With Concur, you can consistently ensure your travelers’ well-being, both on- and off-campus. A single, powerful risk management and communication platform combines real-time risk assessments with employee location and itinerary information, plus essential two-way communication capabilities allow your teams to maintain contact and location information on traveling students, staff and faculty with minimal time and effort.

Get specialized support from the experts.

Concur has teams who are specifically dedicated to and understand the travel and expense needs of higher education organizations. We provide support for every aspect of the system—from transition and functional implementation to technological issues and product management.

Concur integrates all the things that University of Colorado travelers want and need. Travel preferences, itineraries and the travel card – all in one place with good search tools.

University of Colorado – Sandy Hicks