Using spreadsheets for expense reporting may appear free. It's not.

Find out how much it is costing your business.

Calculate how much manual expense reporting spreadsheets are costing your company.

There are many hidden costs brought about by extreme inefficiency. Think how your business would change if each employee could spent 4-5 hours more every month working to generate results, instead of filling out expense report spreadsheets manually. Keeping staff focused on your business instead of tedious tasks like expense reports makes a big difference to your bottom line.
How many employees are in your company?
What is your company's annual revenue?

Annually, your spreadsheet-based expense reporting is costing your company approximately:

*Calculation based processing costs, lost revenue and unrealized savings. Assumption chart

Assumption Chart
% of expense report filers in company 20%
Number expense reports per filer/month 2
Time to fill out an expense report 28 min RPMG
Time for supervisors to review an expense report 11 min RPMG
Time for AP employees to process an expense report 20 min RPMG
Time for AP to reimburse expense report and reconcile payment 17 min RPMG
Average annual Sales salary $75,508 US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Average annual Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks salary $37,250 US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Average annual Management salary $123,150 US Bureau of Labor Statistics
% of time sales rep spend selling 37% CSO Insights
% T&E of the average company’s total revenue 2% IOFM
Average % T&E savings by implementing a T&E automation system 31% The Accounts Payable Network

By fixing expense reporting in your business, you’ll not only improve your bottom line, but you’ll make life better for your whole organization, from finance staff all the way through to sales.

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