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Your clients look to you to recommend the business solutions that will deliver the most value to their organization. For many of those clients, the challenge of managing travel, expense reports, and invoices has grown as operations decentralize and the workforce becomes more mobile.

Through the Concur Platinum Advisor Program, you can help your clients consolidate and simplify operations by offering them discounted pricing on premium travel and spend management solutions. At the same time, you can win new business and build a recurring revenue profit center that generates billable consulting hours with policy advice, process improvement and training.

Build your value to clients as a trusted partner, while increasing billable and recurring revenue for your firm

As a Concur Platinum Advisor, you have the opportunity to:

  • Help clients solve a problem—potentially saving clients significant money—by referring Concur
  • Cross-sell a solution that will lead to additional billable hours, providing business process review, implementation and training
  • Win new business as companies look for the mobile solutions that employees expect
  • Increase recurring revenue stream through commissions on client subscriptions
  • Remain as involved — or uninvolved— as you wish throughout the sales process

You can feel confident recommending Concur, the leading provider of integrated travel, expense, and invoice management solutions. Concur’s modern, flexible mobile and web-based solutions simplify travel and spend management with an adaptable, end-to-end tool that is powerful and easy to use.

Let’s talk about how we can help you bring more value to your clients and build recurring revenue.  

When your clients use Concur Travel, Expense and Invoice, they save time and control spend during every step of the business traveler’s journey—before, during, and after the trip. Concur pulls all the pieces of travel and expense management into one mobile and web-based system—from travel procurement and itinerary management to expense reports, payment processing, and reporting.

Concur provides full visibility into spend and the ability to ensure policy and regulatory compliance. Plus, it’s all paperless—so you can give your adding machine a rest.

With Concur Travel & Expense, your clients simplify their travel and expense management with:

  • E-receipts. Concur offers electronic receipts directly from airlines, hotels, rail and car rental companies. Transaction information is consolidated into one place, which ensures expenses are accurately tracked.
  • Mobile travel and expense management. The Concur mobile app gives travelers the ability to easily manage travel and expenses from their mobile device. Travelers are notified of cancellations, delays, or gate changes in real time. Expenses can be recorded as they’re incurred and expense reports submitted before you’re back at your desk.
  • Three way match – an industry exclusive. Concur combines itinerary data gathered at the time of booking, credit card charges employees incur and e-receipts captured directly from the supplier to create a three way match.
  • Automated compliance. With the Concur integrated solution, your organization’s policies are enforced before violations occur. Travelers know which purchases are in compliance and which are not.
  • Visibility into spend. Detailed reporting reconciles data from multiple sources, giving you a complete view into your travel and expense information.
  • A global solution. Concur Travel & Expense supports multiple currencies and languages and integrates with multiple ERP systems. Concur Expense automatically calculates the currency exchange rate, complex car-mileage allowances and VAT/GST/HST/FBT.
  • Integration with current systems. Concur services work with enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources (HR) and accounting systems used by businesses of all sizes. 

With Concur Invoice, finance teams can time vendor payments and more accurately forecast and manage cash flow with:

  • Customizable workflow. Diverse and dynamic workflow options are available for both invoices and purchase requisitions.
  • Automated matching. Concur Invoice compares invoices to purchase orders and records of received goods and services, saving time and ensuring vendor compliance.
  • Supplier Portal. The secure portal allows suppliers to track the progress of invoices and payments, reducing questions to AP and procurement.
  • Automated payments. Automated vendor payments, including ACH, checks, and credit card, free up AP staff and help companies better manage cash flow.
  • Business Intelligence. Powerful, easy-to-use business intelligence tools give organizations complete visibility into how employees are spending money and help them better forecast cash, time payments, and identify additional vendor savings and discounts.
  • OCR support. Concur Invoice supports e-invoices directly from suppliers or through the OB10 supplier network—optical character recognition (OCR) technology for scanning and extracting data, and streamlined direct entry with electronic imaging.
  • Integration with current systems. Concur Invoice integrates with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting system.

Concur will provide your clients with full visibility into spend and the ability to ensure policy and regulatory compliance. Let’s get started saving money for your clients—sign up for the free Concur Platinum Advisor Program today.

If you are looking for additional ways to add value to your clients, becoming a Concur Platinum Advisor can help. Companies that need a travel and expense management solution will benefit from your professional services team best practices. You can help them establish policies, improve business process and train employees. Larger organizations may need additional services, like customizations and roll-out implementations across the organization.

Identify your potential clients

Take a moment to think about your client base. Do the businesses you serve have:

  • An outside sales teams?
  • Employees who deliver services outside the office?
  • Other employees who generate business-related expenses? Anything from office supplies, mileage, project materials to business travel.
  • Trouble tracking down and matching expense receipts?
  • Manual processes that keep them from taking advantage of vendor discounts?
  • No visibility into the actual liabilities due to unprocessed invoices?
  • Inefficient business processes?
  • More than 10 employees?

If you are nodding your head in agreement, we encourage you to sign up for the Concur Platinum Advisor Program today. Add new services and recurring revenue to your business plan.