SAP Integration

Automate processes and synchronize data between SAP Concur solutions and other SAP business applications.

Integrate, automate, and get a full picture of spend

Take control of employee spend with automated, end-to-end data synchronization between SAP Concur and your other SAP applications. By integrating SAP systems with our secure, cloud-based spend management, you can get a full view of your finances and valuable data insights, all in one place.

  • Add expense data to your SAP ERP system in near real-time
  • Reduce the complexities like connectors and middleware
  • Quickly and efficiently correct financial posting issues
  • Create accurate data integrations for faster payments

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Simplify processes and let staff focus on more strategic tasks

Integrating SAP Concur solutions with other SAP applications isn’t just good for managing spend. By automating processes and connecting systems, you can keep employees happy by eliminating the frustration of manual data entry, minimize posting errors, and keep master data in sync.

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Integrate software, data, and processes into one solution

SAP Concur solutions make it easy to integrate with existing systems like human resources, payroll, compliance, and more. For more about apps, third-party partners, and custom integrations using our open APIs, check out our software integrations page.

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See how our integrations can create a total solution for your business

QuickBooks Connector

Connect SAP Concur solutions to existing QuickBooks and easily import expenses, employee data, customers, and more.

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ADP Integration

Reduce data entry, keep employees happy, and boost the bottom line by integrating ADP and SAP Concur solutions.

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Client Web Services

Give developers the resources, open APIs, and expertise they need to solve your specific business challenges.

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SAP Concur has a better way to handle spend management

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