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Real-time T&E Audit and Fraud Detection


AppZen Expense Report Audit seamlessly integrates with Concur Expense and uses artificial intelligence to analyze expense reports and identify compliance issues.

Full Description:

Reduce T&E Processing Costs

AppZen is a comprehensive solution for T&E expense compliance and audit. AppZen reduces your T&E processing costs using artificial intelligence to automate expense report audits. The machine learning technology analyzes 100% of your expense report data, cross-checks it in real-time with hundreds of external and social media sources, and identifies errors, compliance issues and fraud.

Make Your T&E Team More Effective

AppZen will examine every expense in real-time – producing a full understanding of the who, where, and why of your company’s expenses. By integrating with Concur Expense, our automated solution allows your T&E team to focus on only the fraction of expense reports with potential fraud or compliance issues – so you can rest easy knowing the remainder have been verified.

Does your company generate international sales? AppZen also provides real-time compliance to FCPA and Anti-Bribery and Corruption laws.

AppZen’s automated expense report audit is now available as an easy integration app for all Concur Expense customers. Simply integrate the AppZen Concur app with Concur Expense and let AppZen’s artificial intelligence automatically audit your expense reports.

Inquire now to learn how you can receive a free trial and see AppZen’s savings in action.

Customer Testimonials:
“AppZen’s AI-powered auditing platform allows end users ease of use in the expense reporting process and now we are confident we have a complete and consistent expense auditing process in place.”
- Kenny Gilbert, CIO at InvenSense Inc.

"AppZen’s ability to alert us to high-risk expense items is very impressive. I expect to have most of our auditing handled through their automation, allowing us to use our internal resources more efficiently."
- Denise Adleman, Director & Global Process Owner of T&E at Hitachi Data Systems

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Works with these offerings:

  • Expense - Standard
  • Expense - Professional

Regions available:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Asia Pacific

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