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Acomodeo Serviced Apartments

Online booking engine for serviced apartments worldwide

By connecting to the Acomodeo white label booking portal (IBE), you will gain direct access to over 1.8 million professional serviced apartments in 162 countries, while meeting your travel policy requirements. Serviced apartments bookable via Acomodeo are an ideal accommodation for business travelers who need comfort and flexibility during short and long stays. Every apartment on Acomodeo IBE is professionally operated and offers a range of business-oriented services (e.g. laundry, maintenance, invoicing). WiFi and a kitchen are included in every apartment, offering a home-office ready space to prepare your own food and work remotely. All apartments on Acomodeo comply with current hygiene and safety guidelines and support physical distancing. Thanks to Acomodeo’s integration into Concur Travel, the booking process of a serviced apartment is now quicker and easier than ever! The integration pulls travel profile data from Concur Travel to pre-populate your Acomodeo profile for quicker booking. It also sends any Acomodeo bookings to Concur Travel so you can gain visibility for Duty of Care as well as ensure compliance to your company’s travel policies. Modular & customizable booking engine • Customized to align with your company’s corporate design • Integrate your travel policies and processes (e.g. rate caps, user role assignment) • Set-up individual information fields (e.g. predefined billing address) • Get detailed real-time reporting (e.g. for traveler tracking, budget planning) • Integrate with your payment solutions (e.g. AirPlus) • Integrate to 3rd party systems via API (e.g. Duty of Care, expense management) Streamlined user experience • Individual & automated digital process • Supported by all modern devices • No installation required • Flexible ways to book an apartment Added value for your travel program • Acomodeo rates • Increased traveler safety & satisfaction • Compliance with your travel policies • Corporate payment & billing • Duty of Care integration • Custom reports • Rate caps & destination selection Serviced apartments – increased safety & comfort • Professional standard services (e.g. cleaning, WiFi) • Professional operators & minimum standards to ensure high-quality • Stay independent: All apartments have a kitchen and are home office ready • Up to 60% cheaper than equivalent hotel rooms To get your own Acomodeo White Label Portal, submit a request for more information. For itinerary functionality, TripLink is required.
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