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Qordata Aggregate Spend Connect

Seamlessly integrate your Concur Expense data directly to an aggregate spend reporting solution

qordata Aggregate Spend software provides a solution for reporting and analytics for the Life Sciences industry. The platform offers a range of solutions for compliance professionals for day-to-day compliance functions as well as the annual CMS reporting. 30+ pharma and medical device manufacturers now use qordata’s compliance solutions. Compliance teams who previously manually compiled Concur Expense data into reports can now transmit expense data directly into the qordata system. The data transmitted from Concur Expense is compatible with all functionalities of qordata’s platform e.g recipient matching, data transformation, and more than 400 built-in rules for aggregate expense data for state and federal Sunshine Act / Open Payments reporting. With qordata’s Aggregate Spend Connect, compliance teams: 1. Can get data in a regular and timely frequency 2. No longer have to manually upload anything 3. Can automatically transfer data from Concur Expense to Aggregate Spend Suite 4. Can derive insights from interactive T&E dashboards without human-error risks 5. Get close to real-time analytics of Concur Expense data To learn more, fill out the “Request Information” form.
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Works with these SAP Concur solutions:

  • Expense - Standard

  • Expense - Professional

Regions Available:

    • Anguilla

    • Antigua And Barbuda

    • Aruba

    • Bahamas

    • Barbados

    • Bermuda

    • Canada

    • Cayman Islands

    • Costa Rica

    • Dominica

    • Dominican Republic

    • El Salvador

    • Grenada

    • Guadeloupe

    • Guatemala

    • Haiti

    • Honduras

    • Jamaica

    • Martinique

    • Mexico

    • Montserrat

    • Netherlands Antilles

    • Nicaragua

    • Panama

    • Puerto Rico

    • Saint Barthélemy

    • Saint Kitts and Nevis

    • Saint Lucia

    • Saint Martin

    • Saint Pierre and Miquelon

    • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    • Sao Tome and Principe

    • Trinidad and Tobago

    • Turks and Caicos Islands

    • United States of America

    • British Virgin Islands

    • Virgin Islands, U.S.