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PivotPrime Invoice

Creates statements of purchases allocated to clients, projects, and intercompany.

PROJECT EXPENSES ARE A BIG DEAL | HOW BIG? The time to assemble project expenses plus the very real risk that some are missed directly affect the bottom line. Our Bottom Line Improvement calculator provides insight into how to boost profitability. MANUAL STEPS | ELIMINATED No more spreadsheets or copying or reviewing individual payment requests. PivotPrime Invoice automatically pulls the project expenses into one PDF in minutes – including payment request images. MISSED PROJECT EXPENSES | GONE Missed purchases add up fast, impacting the bottom line. PivotPrime Invoice quickly finds all purchases along with their associated client and project allocations to ensure every transaction is accurately organized. CASH FLOW | IMPROVED Companies that bill back project-related purchases to their clients can improve cash flow. Automating the process to assemble billing statements means clients receive their invoice faster and you recoup more of your outstanding expenses each accounts receivable cycle. PROFITABILITY | UP Lower operating costs overnight. Find and invoice 100% of project purchases. Clients receive full backup documentation for all their project-related costs. CONCUR WORKFLOW | UNINTERRUPTED No need to change the Concur process. Payment requests can have any combination of purchase types. Billable to one project; billable to many projects; non-billable/overhead. PivotPrime Invoice scans all the purchases and builds the statements automatically.
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Works with these Concur Offerings:

  • Invoice - Standard

  • Invoice - Professional

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