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Concur Connect Platform for Suppliers

Concur Connect – a Gateway to Extending Your Reach

Concur Connect is the platform that enables the entire travel and expense ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and developers to access and extend Concur’s T&E cloud. The Concur Connect Platform puts your brand in front of more than 18 million Concur users which gives you the opportunity to promote your unique value to a growing target audience.

With Concur Connect, you have an opportunity to improve the business travel experience for millions of end users by providing exclusive services otherwise unavailable in traditional travel programs. Whether it's electronic folio data in the form of e-receipts, offers, new content, or enhanced reporting, Concur is ready to help you connect to business travelers and their organizations in a wide variety of meaningful ways.

Concur Open Booking Balances Compliance and Choice

Leakage is an ever-increasing challenge for today’s managed travel programs. Even the best run programs see a meaningful percentage of their hotel bookings happen outside of the managed process. The results include inadequate attention to duty of care responsibilities and an inability to optimize supplier agreements. Companies also increasingly want to offer their travelers greater freedom and flexibility.

With Concur Open Booking, business travelers can book hotels and rental cars on the supplier’s website, obtain their corporate negotiated rates, and still bring all travel transaction data back into Concur for a complete itinerary and total visibility by the traveler, travel manager, and TMC. Just how can we do this?

Concur has partnered with some of the world’s leading travel suppliers to make Open Booking seamless for the traveler, the travel manager and the TMC. Travelers can link their Concur profile with their loyalty accounts from participating suppliers to enable automated access to corporate discounts plus easier access to program rewards and benefits. Using the Open Booking two-way itinerary exchange between the supplier and Concur’s travel and expense management service, the traveler can complete itineraries with bookings directly on the supplier’s website, get the corporate discount, and trigger the automatic return of those completed reservations and available e-receipts to Concur. Employees gain flexibility, suppliers develop a deeper relationship with the traveler and employers have everything they need

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