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Concur App Center Overview

Building Connections Across the T&E Ecosystem

Concur Connect Platform

An App Collection with a Twist

Typically when enterprise software companies build an app marketplace, not surprisingly, what you can find there is more enterprise software. When Concur set out to build an ecosystem of integrated applications, the end-user was at the center of every decision. Our vision is to enable our 23 million users with a collection of clever apps that, finally, ease the pain of business travel and expense reporting. We refer to this pet project as "creating the perfect trip". And there's no better way to solve a tough problem today than to open it up to the enterprising world of app developers.

Apps for Me

In Concur's App Center you'll still find plenty of enterprise software applications but you'll also find "Apps for Me" - a small but mighty collection of tools that end-users can connect to their Concur account to help them work and travel in the way that suits them best. Speak your expense report? Check. Digitize your entire wallet? Check. Wake me up early because traffic is so bad I might miss my flight? We're confident that one is coming soon too.

Apps for My Company

It's tough to admit that you can't do it all. We realized we couldn't build solutions for every requirement that our clients had but by enabling a platform for real-time integration and working with some of the most innovative companies around, we're delivering more offerings to meet your needs and we're doing it faster. With our partners we've already built vertical functionality for the life sciences and professional services industries and construction solutions are on the way. We're reducing deployment time for clients by offering pre-built accounting integrations and we're filling up our travel store with optional content from the ground transportation and hotel providers for your particular region of the globe.

Apps from Your Company?

Are you an innovative Travel Supplier looking for new and more efficient ways to reach the single largest community of business travelers on the globe? Are you a Solution Provider seeking your next strategic play to reach new clients? Are you a developer with big ideas you can't wait to bring to the world? We're listening, please contact us at