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Compensation for train delays or cancellations

••• Did you know? - Only about 6% of travelers claim a compensation after a train delay. (refundrebel analysis of 2018-2021 data) - Less than 5% of travelers report a delay to their central travel management. As a result, more than 89% of your entitled payouts “lie idle on rail-tracks” until they expire after 365 days due to European regulations. ••• The solution The unique delay database from refundrebel identifies entitled compensations free of charge and pays out compensations commission-based. You receive compensations (up to 10.97% of annual rail expenses) without creating any costs. refundrebel is your specialized service that works in addition to your TMC, OBE or travel agency, with no extra efforts at your end. ••• Benefits for your company ✓ Compensation claims no longer get lost due to automated checks from refundrebel ✓ No cost to you - at any time ✓ No internal action or time expenditure required ✓ Receive more refunds compared with a manual compensation process ✓ Indirect travel costs can be minimized by the automatic end-to-end process in comparison to the Deutsche Bahn online, paper, or collective form ✓ GDPR compliance ✓ Flexible payout models available e.g., to your company cost centers, to your travelers, or a split ✓ CSR measures such as donations for charities or CO2-focused organizations can be integrated ✓ Every payout includes a report showing a breakdown of each claim for your accounting ••• Benefits for your travelers ✓ No traveler intervention necessary – they can focus on core tasks instead ✓ No expenses to travelers - at any time ✓ No need to study European passenger rights to receive the maximum possible payout ••• How it works in 3 steps: 1. Your connected Concur Travel account sends rail booking data to refundrebel 2. refundrebel identifies your entitlements and claims your compensations within 365 days retroactively 3. You will receive monthly transfers less success commission ••• About refundrebel refundrebel is 100% success based, operating on a "No compensation. No fee." contingency basis. With refundrebel, you receive more payouts with no effort, giving you more time to do what you love.
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