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SSO for SAP Concur solutions

Integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAP Concur solutions

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to securely access multiple applications using one set of sign-in credentials. With SSO, companies can: - Reduce password overload - Employees no longer need to remember dozens of passwords. - Manage access and security - IT can easily control which applications users can and can’t access. - More efficiently onboard and offboard employees – IT can more rapidly get new employees access to applications and remove access after they’ve left the company. The Manage Single Sign-On (SSO) feature available in SAP Concur solutions provides SAP Concur customers with a self-service option for setting up SSO. Customers can configure this feature to set up single sign-on for users at their organization. The Manage Single Sign-On feature for SAP Concur solutions provides the following: - A self-service option that enables a company admin to set up both Identity Provider (IdP)-initiated and Service Provider (SP)-initiated SSO at their organization on both web and mobile platforms - The ability to require SSO for all users - Improvements to the user sign-in experience and a higher sign-in success rate compared to the existing SAP Concur SSO functionality - No fee for the associated with the Single Sign-On self-service option. Or, choose the Single Sign-On assisted service option and receive support for an additional fee. - Works with all IdP, including those previously found in the App Center To learn more, visit the links below, or speak to your SAP Concur account team, or use the Request Information button to contact SAP Concur.
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Works with these SAP Concur solutions:
  • Expense - Standard
  • Expense - Professional
  • Invoice - Standard
  • Invoice - Professional
  • Travel - Standard
  • Travel - Professional
  • Travel Request - Professional