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Hitpoint-Fapiaoforce Expense

Fapiao (e-invoice) solution for China

Hitpoint creates tax and fapiao management solutions that meet the financial and tax management needs of enterprises in China and help enterprises transform and upgrade their financial and tax processes. Fapiaoforce by Hitpoint seamlessly integrates with Concur Expense, streamlining the entire fapiao validation and expense reimbursement process, helping companies reduce management costs, increase efficiency, and improve tax compliance. Significantly reduce manual effort in the expense reimbursement and fapiao validation process:  Automatically recognize VAT and non-VAT fapiaos and recognize multiple fapiao at once  Select multiple fapiao to create an expense report in Concur Expense with just one click  Automatically compare soft and hard copies of submitted fapiao, and continue the workflow according to the result of the compliance check  Look up historical fapiao, data, images, and original documents at any time  Flexible configuration of fields according to attendee types in Concur Expense Meet corporate internal control and external regulatory compliance requirements:  All fapiao are automatically checked for duplicate submissions  Connect to the official Chinese tax bureau system to check the authenticity and status of fapiaos in batches  Original fapiao will be audited by line items and compared to expense reports in Concur Expense  Synchronize attendee information to Concur Expense through Fapiaoforce  The Fapiaoforce warehouse supports multi-dimensional queries, downloads, and data exports of past fapiao submissions, simplifying audits  Fapiaoforce adapts with the business needs of enterprises and China's tax regulations Fapiaoforce for Concur Expense greatly increases the efficiency of employees and finance departments in the expense reimbursement and fapiao verification process. Submit a request for more information to learn more. As an advisory service, Hitpoint can also provide related consulting and customized solutions to meet the finance and tax business needs of enterprises in China.
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