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Project management software for team travel

Connect Tripgrid to your company’s Concur Travel instance and all your organization’s booked reservation data now lives in one project management workspace. Automate workflows, streamline outputs and provide up to 99% visibility for reconciliation. Say goodbye to manual entry, static spreadsheets and siloed inboxes. For Managers: - Visibility: View ALL your corporate travel reservations in real-time as your team books through the integration for Concur Travel with off-program bookings captured via email parsing and room blocks via spreadsheet uploads. - Organization: Sort and filter to find any subset of reservations quickly. Change or add Key ID’s (UDIDs) to any reservations to normalize your data. - Standardization: All your organization’s team travel documents will look the same using our custom templates that bring in travel reservation data with the click of a button. - Reporting: Use Tripgrid to generate custom budget reports that can be pulled in a matter of seconds not days. For Travel Coordinators: - Automation: Build a document template once, use it forever by simply adding the reservation data for your current project. From team itineraries to room blocks to schedules – no more manual entry with documents that build themselves. - Share real-time documents: Say goodbye to version 1, 2, 3 and 587 with the ability to send live itineraries, schedules and more that stay up to date with the integration data. Send it once, update it however many times you like on the backend with one live version for your travelers. - Traveler profiles: Easily create customizable travel profiles for your team with everything from passport information to shoe size…! To learn more, please submit a request for information or click the link below to visit our website.
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Works with these Concur Offerings:

  • Travel - Standard

  • Travel - Professional

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