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Expedited passport and travel visa services made easy.

G3 Global Services provides travel document support to business travelers and legal departments across all industries and sizes. From Fortune 1000 to Inc. 500 and all companies in between, your business travelers can count on G3 for their travel document needs. G3 offers industry-leading support for travel visa, passport, and document authentication for US citizens and non-US citizens with legal US residency. The G3 integration with Concur Travel makes it even simpler for employees to secure travel documents. G3 uses travel itinerary data from SAP Concur to notify employees of visa and travel document requirements after they book – eliminating last-minute surprises and headaches. G3 expedites the application process by pulling the employee’s SAP Concur travel profile data to reduce manual data entry. The experienced, professional staff at G3 offers: • Expedited passports as fast as two business days • Expedited travel visa processing • Travel Visa application services to make simplify complex applications like India and Russia • Expert advice and travel visa processing for any destination • Multilingual staff available in English, Spanish, and Russian • Customized travel visa services for tour groups • Managed travel programs for corporations Click “Connect” if you are ready to enable the integration between G3 and Concur Travel to simplify your visa and travel process. Or, submit a request for more information. ______________________________________________________________________________ SPECIALIZED SERVICE FOR VIP TRAVELERS: G3 excels in meeting the needs of clients with the most challenging travel schedules. Our Managed Service Program ensures busy executives and flight crew always have the valid travel visas and passports to fly at a moment's notice. G3 also provides managed services for group travelers from tour companies, schools, and alumni groups that benefit both tour coordinators and travelers. Concierge Service is available to all - individual travelers, corporations, and groups - for the ultimate in personalized care.
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