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GoCatch - Corporate Travel

The GST-compliant travel expense solution for Taxi and Rideshare

GoCatch is a GST-compliant travel expense solution that’s both cardless and paperless. GoCatch enables you to manage your Taxi and Rideshare travel costs effortlessly through your mobile phone or desktop, with seamless integration to Concur Expense. ________________________________________ GoCatch is an Australian option to book and pay for Taxi and Rideshare. For SAP Concur customers, there are no extra management fees charged on trips. Book ahead with Advance Bookings – have a car waiting for you when you need it most, day or night, from 30 min to 12 months in advance. Earn GoCoins on every trip you take with GoCatch Rewards, and conveniently pay by connecting and applying any of your preferred payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or your personal or business credit/debit card. Access Economy (Rideshare) vehicles, Taxis, Premium Taxis, Maxis and Premium Luxury Vehicles. Get coverage from Australia's largest fleet of vehicles with over 50,000 drivers nationwide. Gain better insight and visibility into your business travel expenditure, whether you are a small startup or an ASX 50 company. Easily manage your employees’ trips, travel policy compliance, concierge services for client travel, and your billing and invoices from one easy to use, centralised dashboard on your phone or desktop – giving you greater cost control and time savings for your business. At the end of your journey, your GoCatch trip receipt automatically links with Concur Expense, filling in the details of your trips for a seamless experience. These GST-compliant tax invoices ensure you receive your GST credits adjusted for non-taxable supplies such as state levies. No more paper receipts or lost emails or having to calculate the credit yourself. Linking your GoCatch and SAP Concur account is simple: ● Login to the GoCatch Portal ● Turn SAP Concur on and follow the instructions to link your account ● Request a GoCatch and your invoice will automatically be transferred to Concur Expense at the end of your journey Download the GoCatch app and connect to Concur Expense today.
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Works with these SAP Concur solutions:

  • Expense - Standard

  • Expense - Professional

Regions Available: