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Connect to the biggest online accommodation marketplace in the world

You're one click away from connecting your Concur and Booking.com accounts. Your travel plans will be synced and always up to date. Booking.com now enables travellers to gain instant access to the largest accommodation marketplace in the world through Concur. Get world class 24/7 customer support in 43 languages, flexible cancellation policies and exclusive discounts. While giving travel managers a better insight into the bookings made on Booking.com. - With close to 2 million properties in 227 countries and territories, you have the perfect options wherever you need to be. - Finding and booking the perfect property is quick and easy. - Free cancellation options allow flexibility for you. - Guarantees the best prices for every type of property from executive apartments to five-star luxury suites. - Just one click and you can link your Concur account to Booking.com - Always up to date through a seamless integration with concur
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Works with these Concur Offerings:

  • TripLink

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