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Hotel Solutions – Rate Auditing

Re-Capture 7%-19% of your hotel spend.

Hotel Solutions independent audit technology brings transparency to your entire hotel spend. Utilizing the access Concur Connect provides to bookings from multiple channels: • Concur Travel • Travel Agents • Open Booking • Import into TripIt We empower you with a full visibility audit across both in-program and fugitive bookings. Now companies can reduce their travel costs, mitigate inflation and rising hotel rates and eliminate costly booking errors…with no manual labor. Hotel Solutions helps you gain a financially competitive advantage. RateGuard Even after coordinating a managed corporate hotel program, 22% of the time your travelers pay more than your negotiated rate. RateGuard identifies and reports these errors before the trip. RateScout How do you mitigate hotel chains’ yield management increasing rates(just like airlines do)at your hotels? As hotels fill up, your discount percent may remain the same, but your rate has increased. RateScout identifies other nearby preferred hotels—already in your program—offering lower rates. CommissionCapture What about Hotel Commissions on your non-preferred hotel spend? The data shows that significant amounts of commission go uncollected due to lack of tracking or inadvertent transmission to the agency. CommissionCapture identifies, tracks and collects all your commissions…without your company lifting a finger. Get Started It’s simple easy, and risk-free to deploy Hotel Solutions. As a Concur Partner, Hotel Solutions’ turn-key system tracks bookings to identify booking errors, savings opportunities and un-collected Commissions. Hotel Solutions is the only independent audit firm not aligned with a travel agency, supplier, or hotel company. We contract exclusively to corporations, and earn our fees only from the savings you gain. Think about it, What would a conservative 10% savings on your hotel spend do to your bottom line? What would your stakeholders say about innovations like that? To activate and get started go to www.hotelsolutions.biz/
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  • Travel - Professional

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