Best Practices from Bright Minds: 
How to Leverage the Power of the SAP Concur Customer Community

We all know two heads can be better than one. But what about 45,000? 

Whether you want to take your travel, expense, and invoice (TE&I) management knowledge to the next level, introduce new best practices into your organization, or just get a question answered, there’s no reason you need to do it alone. 

The SAP Concur customer community can help you connect with your peers to find success. We have many ways you can connect with thousands of other users to exchange tips and tricks, forge connections, and help one another solve problems. Here’s how: 


Get direct answers from those who know

When you come upon a problem – such as how to tackle a particular administrative issue – it makes sense to take your question to those who have been there before and solved the problem, rather than searching online and weeding through answers that may not apply to your role or industry. Start your search by logging in to the SAP Concur Community, our peer-to-peer digital channel.

  • Have a general question? Pose it to our 20,000+ users in open forums.
  • Dealing with an industry-specific problem? Join a group to find more pertinent advice.
  • Stuck on an administrative challenge? Our user admin group can help.


Engage in deeper conversations

Sometimes, the challenges you face in your job go beyond a simple question, such as when a new industry regulation is implemented – or a worldwide pandemic leaves you holding thousands of dollars in airline tickets that can’t be used for the foreseeable future. In cases such as these, having the ability to network, share, and converse more deeply can be priceless. 

To get this opportunity, pop into one of our breakout rooms during a virtual roundtable event or take part in an in-person user group. We provide several events to meet you where you are – they may be small-scale or national, virtual or in-person, and sometimes connected to larger conferences like SAP Concur Fusion. By joining a user group, you can:

  • Bring your questions, ideas, and solutions to one of our many community experiences.
  • Tackle some of your biggest challenges in an intimate environment.
  • Learn from and interact with leaders in your industry.
  • Hear success stories (and volunteer to share your own) during our customer spotlights.


Keep a pulse on your industry

The issues that arise in the TE&I function can vary wildly across industries – and those issues are always changing as regulations shift, travel options and vendors evolve, and your own organization changes. 

One way we like to help our vast userbase keep pace is by working with select leaders within certain industries who advise on how best to serve their communities. How can you benefit from SAP Concur Leadership Councils?

  • These leaders are the ear on the ground for the SAP Concur organization, helping us – and you – stay aware of trends, potential problems, and solutions to these problems. 
  • The insights they provide help inform content that we share with all users, as well as topics and agendas for events like user groups, roundtables, and SAP Concur Fusion sessions.


Take a deep dive with SAP Concur Fusion and SAP Concur Fusion Exchanges

One of the best parts of work is when you get to take time away to get better at your job by attending a conference. It feels good to connect with peers at different organizations to discuss common problems and goals. It feels even better to bring back new ideas that will make TE&I more effective and efficient. 

For this purpose, we offer SAP Concur Fusion, a three-day deep dive into all things TE&I, plus Fusion Exchanges, one-day events that occur throughout the year. Attend an SAP Concur Fusion event to:

  • Learn best practices from peers and experts.
  • Discover tips and tricks that improve how your organization manages TE&I.
  • Connect with peers in breakout sessions to benefit from your collective experience and brainpower. 


Join us

At the SAP Concur organization, we love seeing our customers succeed together. By becoming a part of our SAP Concur customer community, you can leverage the collective knowledge of thousands of likeminded peers to manage your spend better than ever – and help your fellow customers do the same.

Learn more about the SAP Concur customer community today.

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