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You’ve heard the phrase two heads are better than one – but what about over 50,000? Imagine a place where you can connect with peers and join a culture of collaboration. A place that can help you achieve success by exchanging tips and tricks with likeminded customers. A place where you can access exclusive content on how to improve processes, policies, and maximize your investment. Look no further than the SAP Concur Community.

Join over 50,000 active SAP Concur customers, including 80,000+ (and growing) online in the SAP Concur Community, where the options to collaborate are endless!

Leverage collective brain power

Have you ever been stuck on a problem and wish there were someone knowledgeable to consult? The SAP Concur Community is the perfect place to connect with people who have been there and done that. By connecting with likeminded organizations, you can skip the hours of researching and testing temporary-fix solutions. With both online and in-person experiences, our community offers you numerous opportunities to share ideas, exchange best practices, and engage with other organizations so you can thrive.

Community Forums and User Groups provide you with an intimate and conversational setting to interact with peers in your industry or region. Our user conferences, SAP Concur Fusion and SAP Concur Fusion Exchange, bring together customers, partners, and prospects for educational sessions and networking opportunities. Plus, you can access the community any time, any place by engaging with our digital community.

Elevate your professional brand

Success and inspiration come from interactions – use the power of the community to accelerate your growth, stay agile, and unlock innovation. No matter the stage in your career, the SAP Concur Community has opportunities to support your professional development.

If you’re an expert in your space looking for a platform to share your knowledge or want to develop your virtual brand, our community programs provide you with multiple

avenues to showcase your expertise. Whether you choose to participate as a user group panelist, speak at a user conference, or provide mentorship by answering the community’s toughest questions, we offer you endless opportunities to shine.

Are you an admin looking to gain new skills and maximize your T&E solutions?

Use the SAP Concur Community to achieve lasting success. Engage and network with our industry leadership councils and subject matter experts, find a mentor by engaging in our online community, and attend our user conferences to deep dive into your day-to-day challenges. By connecting with our community, you’re sure to become an expert in no time.

Stay competitive through continuous learning

As the T&E industry continues to evolve, it’s more important now than ever to be informed. That is why we are committed to investing in your ongoing learning. We frequently survey our community to understand industry nuances, top challenges, and needs so that we provide you with relevant and exclusive content, forums, and events.

Let us do the heavy lifting by curating and creating on-demand advice and best practices from experts across the T&E ecosystem. Hear directly from key opinion leaders to gain confidence and validate your assumptions, all while making data-driven recommendations for your organization. The SAP Concur Community brings together internal and external leaders from a variety of industries and backgrounds, ensuring diverse perspectives are represented in our experiences and content.

At the SAP Concur organization, we love to see our customers succeed. What’s even more fun? Seeing them succeed together. Explore our community offerings and choose your own adventure. Learn more about the SAP Concur Community today!


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