Top Book Inspiration: Uber's VP, Head of Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility Shares Her 2021 Pick

Our 2021 top book and podcast recommendations from thought leaders across the travel and expense (T&E) industry is now available! Danielle Monaghan, VP, Head of Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility at Uber, shares why she recommended Be(Come) an Awesome Manager: The Essential Toolkit for Impact Leadership by Lisbeth Claus with Scott Baker and Peter Vermeulen:


Q: Why did you select this book as your recommendation for 2021? 

A: Be(Come) an Awesome Manager is a comprehensive guide for building strong management capability. If you’ve ever managed or been managed, you’ll understand the critical role managers play in engaging, motivating and retaining critical employees and talent. But, while good intentions matter, managers cannot make a real impact when they do not have the necessary knowledge and skills to back them up. This book is an opportunity to assess your own managerial skills, create your own development plan, and gain new insights from theory and practice.


Q: How can the advice from the book help others in the business environment and T&E industry? 

A: People are at the core of getting work done. Employees want managers who will provide goals as well as direction, feedback and coaching—and who recognize and reward them for good performance. Yet, not all managers are delivering on these expectations and this has ripple effects for the organization in terms of engagement, productivity and retention risks. Today’s workforce has options, and people are clear about the fact that they want to work for companies that will invest in their ongoing development. Employees want managers to help them grow their careers and support them along the way—and if their bosses don’t step up, they will take their talent elsewhere! This book deals with human behavior in the workplace whether we are managing projects, processes, people or even ourselves. The modular format of the book and the Learning-in-a-Box supplemental online materials (critical thinking guide, interactive exercises, PPT slides, and practice questions) make it ideal for self-study, a book club, or even running your own management development workshops. Professor Claus also runs a series of six-week online Awesome Manager Masterclasses (bronze, silver and gold badge-level) in January, May, and September with cohorts of learners from different continents. 


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