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Ready to Go: Travel Leaders Take on Change and Challenge

Yes, business travel has seen more challenges in the last few years than at any other time since the invention of narrower seats in economy class. But instead of sitting down and accepting it, you and your corporate travel peers are standing up to those challenges in all sorts of ways.

And there’s a lot you can learn from each other. Because when you take a minute to dig deeper into the obstacles of modern travel, the first thing you’ll see is that you’re not alone in it. You’ve got thousands of peers facing the same problems and formulating real plans.

SAP compiled the insights from a few of these peers in a recent report: 7 Travel Challenges and the Strategies Your Peers are Using to Address Them. It walks you through some familiar territory and a few surprising responses – along with specific examples from travel leaders at Alkermes, Standard Charter Back, ADTRAV, and even SAP, among others.

In the eBook, you’ll find out how fellow travel leaders are:

Getting ready for NDC by evaluating the current challenges against the current benefits, and by taking a wait-and-see approach through the first few months of NDC growing pains.

Meeting more demand with less budget by expanding preferred supplier relationships and working with those suppliers to come up with creative solutions.

Creating programs that prove how much they care about their travelers by teaming up with HR to build competitive, compelling travel programs with perks travelers want most.

Tackling the impacts of work-from-home travel by modifying policies to ensure remote and mobile workers can confidently manage expenses and travel.

The eBook highlights the importance of examining (and when necessary, enhancing or extending) travel management systems to address the realities of today’s travel. And showcases the importance of taking a good, hard look at processes to see what can be simplified, automated or, in many cases, tossed out entirely.

It’s a great way to discover the support that’s out there and the strategies you can employ in your own organization. It’s an even better way to find out what tools and technologies your colleagues and counterparts are using successfully.

More importantly, knowing that you’re not the only travel leader facing changing travel norms can go a long way toward standing up to today’s challenges. So when you run into a hurdle, you know you’ve got a wealth of peers and professionals who’d be happy to help you over it. Or at least around it.

And that makes it easier to go through it.

Check out the eBook here.

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