Healthcare Here, There, Everywhere: Staff Auto Mileage Adds Up

Kyla Kent |

Projected to more than double by 2060, the number of Americans ages 65 and older will increase to 98 million, ultimately driving up the demand for mobile healthcare. For healthcare professionals, this means more trips on the road to provide at-home care and respond to emergency house calls, but, for healthcare organizations, it also means keeping track of all those miles driven.

As more healthcare staff enter the road, manually tracking mileage will only become more complex and expensive for organizations to handle. The current cost of transportation and personal cars already among the top 10 expenses incurred by companies worldwide, and SAP Concur knows its healthcare customers spend the highest portion on personal car mileage, at 11%, more than double the average spend of any other industry.

As an organization, you undoubtedly care about providing the right tools to ensure your staff is satisfied while also helping your business drive costs down.


Self-reported mileage is costing you money

You may think that your organization’s current process for tracking employee mileage is adequate. After all, how hard can it really be to google the distance from point A to point B? That’s close enough, right? But what about the personal miles traveled in between? Did your staff forget to exclude that restaurant stop along their route or quick personal errand?

Last year, SAP Concur customers spent $2.3 billion reimbursing personal car expenses without any documentation. Failing to properly document self-reported mileage puts your organization at risk for fraud and compliance, which is more common than you may think. In a recent survey, 82% of SAP Concur healthcare customers found mileage padding, while 42% found claims for the same expense twice. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, it is also found that travelers over-estimate their mileage by 15% on average, potentially costing you of hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Not only is manual calculation of mileage inaccurate but gathering the information from hundreds of field staff members who drive on a daily basis is a nightmare for finance to keep up with. Just think about what could be done with that extra money and time. 


Gain control with Concur Drive

Without the proper tools to track miles, it’s really hard to know what you are missing. SAP Concur helps you gain more control over self-reported mileage, so that you can increase accuracy and reduce spending. Concur Drive is an automated distance-capture solution that enables your organization to:

  • Document, report, and reimburse actual distances driven
  • Improve mileage reporting, and help with compliance and audit readiness
  • Proactively manage and standardize expense reporting


Learn more about how you can smooth out the road for your organization by downloading our Mileage Best Practices guide or visit our website to find your healthcare employee spend management solution.