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Getting Your T&E Process Ready for a Merger and Acquisition

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Being part of a merger or acquisition (M&A) while still doing your “regular” job can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re a first-timer or an M&A veteran, thoughtful policy and procedure implementation across your organization can set you up for success—and save a lot of frustration in the process.

Is it hard work? Yes. But it’s also a rare career opportunity—and something worth embracing. And as the finance role expands in the era of digital transformation, an M&A can be a great way to evolve your leadership and technology skills.

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Get Your M&A Documentation Lined Up Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to manage the emotional aspect of M&A is through well-documented processes, system setup, and policies. Take the time now to create a step-by-step manual on everything around travel and expenses, from how to book a flight to how to file an expense report.

Get your organization M&A-ready by tightening up:

  • Written travel and expense policies and related standards
  • Written back-office and desktop audit procedures
  • Written how-to’s on all travel and expense end-user procedures
  • Written configurations and workflows

This documentation will not only be valuable for system and process consolidation but will also make it easier to create employee training when a merger or acquisition occurs. The key is remembering that this isn’t a “set-and-forget-it” process. You must also assign ownership and put a strategy in place for updates, along with a semi-annual or annual review to keep up with any changes.

M&A Due Diligence Checklist: Consolidating Travel and Expense Platforms

When going through a merger or acquisition, the pain is in the details. It’s essential to have all the right players, requirements, and integration points in place when combining or moving travel and expense policies or configurations between companies.

Before you dive in, our experts recommend that you develop a comprehensive checklist and discovery templates to ensure you capture all the required information in a consistent format. Use this handy M&A Due Diligence Checklist as a guide to ensure that no detail is left unexplored.

Asking the right questions can get all of your parties on the same page, so you can collaborate seamlessly. Start with questions like:

  1. Do both companies use SAP Concur solutions? If yes, what products and services do each have and how are they configured?
  2. What are the system dependencies?
  3. What is the travel policy? If using Concur Travel, which travel management companies (TMC) are involved?
  4. What are the existing card programs?
  5. What are the contractual obligations?
  6. Does the company operate in different countries or an industry subject to additional regulatory requirements?

You must also understand current transaction volumes, processes, audit standards, business cycles—and the similarities and differences between the two companies. All of these details are necessary to build out the new, thriving operation.

Laying the Groundwork for a Successful Merger and Acquisition

An M&A can be a great opportunity—and a challenge—to elevate your career and your company. Expert guidance can help you stay on track.

Download our M&A guide for practical advice, best practices, and steps you can take right now to make sure you’re ready for the day your M&A is announced.

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