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4 Ways to Tap Into the SAP Concur Customer Community to Elevate Your Career

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During the daily work grind, it can sometimes be difficult to find opportunities that let your expertise shine through. What’s needed is a space outside of your workplace, and within a larger peer community, where you can drive success and inspiration from interacting with others who do what you do. 

No matter the stage in your career, the SAP Concur customer community can help. With access to the largest user network of travel, expense, and invoice (TE&I) professionals, you can accelerate your growth, engage in continual learning, and unlock innovative ideas to help your career blossom. 

Are you an expert in a field or industry looking for a platform to share your knowledge and develop your personal brand? We’ve got you. Our community programs provide multiple avenues to showcase your expertise. 

Are you an admin looking to gain new skills and maximize your TE&I solutions to build up your career? You’re covered, too. In the SAP Concur customer community, you can connect with leaders and experts who can help you expand your knowledge. 

Let’s look at four ways you can elevate your career with the SAP Concur customer community:

  1. Become part of our digital community

The SAP Concur Community (SCC) is the perfect place to start. Our community has more than 20,000 members asking questions, providing answers, and discussing topics that affect how you manage expenses in your organization. For people newer to their roles and SAP Concur solutions, you can ask questions, glean knowledge from prior discussions, and interact with leaders in the community.

As an expert, you can make your mark by answering the community’s toughest questions in the online forums. Do you see a trend arising that will affect your peers? Start a conversation. You can also use direct messaging to help a peer through a problem or become a mentor.

  1. Network in our user groups

If you’d like to engage even more, our user groups provide networking opportunities in small group settings, both virtually and in person. You can participate as a user group panelist, speak at an event, or meet and engage with one another in small group roundtables. When you’re face to face (even on a video call), you can more deeply connect with industry and role peers on issues and common challenges. These experiences are open to TE&I professionals of all levels, so you may find a mentor through them – or meet someone who needs a mentor just like you.

  1. Learn from industry key opinion leaders

Leadership Councils are made up of a select group of customers who help advise and inform the SAP Concur organization on how to best serve their communities. They meet periodically to discuss key issues facing their industries, and then we share their advice, tips, and knowledge with the greater SAP Concur customer community via content and events. How can you benefit? Leadership Councils provide one-to-many mentorship, allowing you to gain insights from experts that you can take back to your organization to better run your TE&I functions. You can participate in networking opportunities with these leaders and get advice to help advance your career. 

  1. Attend events to expand your network and knowledge

SAP Concur Fusion is our annual customer conference that provides educational and networking opportunities, no matter your expertise level. Throughout the week, you can build your network by attending events designed to help you meet your peers. You can explore sessions that support your professional development, stay on top of SAP Concur solution updates, and learn ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how you manage TE&I at your organization. And if you’d like this opportunity more than just once a year, you can also participate in Fusion Exchanges, our global series of one-day virtual conferences.

For those who have introduced innovative ways to use data, streamline workflows, support travelers, and more, you can apply to speak. It’s a great way to make your mark and build your personal brand. Watch our SAP Concur Fusion page for calls for speakers.


Grow with us

People need people to grow. We inspire one another, help each other solve problems, and provide the support that helps each of us do our best. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a quote from one of our Leadership Council members:

“The community has grown [through] our relationships with one another, especially from video calls and a lot of personal exchange of information. We've been able to really grow as a more cohesive group, not only on the advisory boards or the leadership boards, but with one another any time we have an opportunity to connect via a conference call.”

In an ever-evolving world, it can be challenging to stay on top of how we manage spend. But those who keep their knowledge fresh, offer innovative ideas, and become the expert on the tools their organization uses will set themselves apart. With more than 45,000 customers, the SAP Concur customer community is the perfect place for you to gain this expertise from your fellow administrators and users, share your own insights, and elevate your career and personal brand. 

Learn more about the SAP Concur customer community today.

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