The Power of Collaboration: The Power of The SAP Concur Partner Ecosystem

It’s a whole new world when it comes to how your company manages finance, travel, and expense programs. Success in the remote work age and beyond will be less a matter of individual effort than of collaboration among a constellation of specialized services. SAP Concur makes it easy to find and connect with the best of them through a vast network of partners and applications—and this is your chance to integrate them and begin 2021 on the right foot.


Build resilience into your travel and expense program with diverse solutions and services

Seize this time to adapt your program for the greater good of your fellow employees and your company. A recent report from IDC states:

“Data shows that due to the pandemic-driven increase in remote work, digital transformation efforts are advancing, and companies are expected to spend more on cloud-based solutions.”

By adopting and providing additional cloud service solutions, this will help you on your path to standardize, simplify, and automate your travel and expense (T&E) program.

The SAP Concur partner ecosystem is here so you can deliver a better employee experience and still meet the ongoing demands of the COVID-19 and post-pandemic era.

  • Improve employee experiences from procurement to automated vendor payment.
  • Provide tools and technology to enhance services offered by travel management companies (TMCs).
  • Get help with the latest industry/geographic regulatory compliance, and immigration and taxation issues.
  • Gain greater transparency of integrated financial data between systems.

This blog marks the first of several we will publish this year to highlight this unique and highly beneficial global ecosystem.


How businesses thrive in the SAP Concur partner ecosystem

The SAP Concur partner ecosystem is a growing network of more than 700 partners providing innovative ways to build, sell, service, and run the dynamic workplace of today. The ecosystem includes:

Platform Partners

  • The SAP Concur App Center offers a travel and expense marketplace for related partner products and services.
  • Travel Suppliers ensure you have robust access to air, lodging, and ground inventory; your company’s negotiated rates; and visibility into employees’ travel.

Distribution Partners

  • Financial Services provide digital payment solutions for employee initiated spend.
  • Resale and Service Partners provide consulting expertise and technological innovations which can help you optimize your T&E programs efficiency.
  • Travel Management Companies simplify the complexities of managed travel programs and can provide a trusted and tailored experience.

Whether you need innovative technology integrations, apps for your employees, or the right service partner to assist in planning and deployment, our ecosystem is constantly evolving to rise to the ongoing demands of post-pandemic business practices.


Bring it all together for a better employee experience

Take a closer look at the SAP Concur partner ecosystem and unlock the power of collaboration in the video below. You’ll see how to get an operational and competitive boost, whether your company needs innovative and streamlined technology integrations, new and powerful apps for your employees, or a service partner to bring it all together.

The SAP Concur partner ecosystem is a single resource for the next phase of your business. Contact for more information.

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