Managing a Corporate Travel Program is Getting More Complex. Here’s How to Simplify

Corporate travel management is changing rapidly. Travel managers report that they are now spending 60% more time focusing on areas such as data analysis and reporting, evaluating or implementing new technology, and traveler safety and duty of care. However, they have found that they’re also spending more time focusing on traditional tasks such as managing payment methods and negotiating rates with suppliers than they had been five years ago.

How can travel managers better allocate their energy and reduce the number of repetitive tasks they have to do each day? The answer may be the automation capabilities that come from a connected travel solution.

We’ve seen great advancements in integrated automation technology for the travel industry. These advancements can give time back to travel managers by providing actionable insights into their travel data, lead to better compliance, offer a better traveler experience, and improve traveler safety.

However, according to the results of a 2018 survey conducted by the GBTA Foundation, travel managers aren’t taking full advantage of these benefits. The research shows that as many as 80% of travel programs don’t use technology to capture bookings made outside of their programs. Furthermore, 86% don’t use a tool that enables suppliers to send reservations directly to TMCs.

Is your organization taking advantage of the best technology for its travel program? Watch the webinar 5 Counter-Intuitive Realities in Business Travel Management to learn more about GBTA’s research, and why you should adopt an integrated, automated corporate travel solution.

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