Learn About the Innovations Changing Business for the Better

Many businesses aren’t sure yet if the latest technology revolutions – such as artificial intelligence and process automation – present meaningful opportunities for growth. But if there’s one universal truth about technology, it’s this: today’s innovations are tomorrow’s requirements. Technology advances more rapidly every day, and it’s imperative for businesses to keep pace to stay competitive.

The Intelligent Business Podcast

Listen to all five episodes to learn how to scale, reduce fraud, keep employees safe, and more.


To help you understand what challenges and opportunities technology presents, we’ve partnered with The Wall Street Journal to create The Intelligent Business, a podcast series with a wealth of insights about how businesses can use emerging technologies to automate more of their processes and control company spending.


In the series, each episode tackles a specific issue that companies might encounter on their path to becoming a best-run business. Below, we’ve compiled an overview of each of the themes and trends you’ll discover in the podcast:


  1. A Shifting Landscape: Business Travel Insights
    AI is playing a huge part in simplifying spend management and automating more of the process for both managers and employees.
  2. Traveler Safety: Challenges and Solutions
    More sources of data allow you to serve travelers better when they’re on the road – and keep them safer – lowering your risk and increasing employee satisfaction.
  3. A Robot Completed My Expense Report
    Creating expense reports manually is time consuming for employees and could even result in unintentional T&E fraud. AI-driven technology is making receipt capture, reporting, and approvals nearly effortless.
  4. Seeing the Unseen: A Solution for Travel and Expense Compliance
    People make mistakes and sometimes misuse company funds, but AI is allowing companies to catch more exceptions and reduce their compliance risks.
  5. The End Game: Using Spend Data to Drive Growth
    Greater visibility into your company spending means more insights derived from data. That allows you to make more informed business decisions about budgets, boost revenue, and increase employee satisfaction.


To learn more about all of the innovations that are helping businesses bring more intelligence to their spending, listen to the entire five-part series here.

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