Concur App Center partner spotlight: VisaHQ

Applying for a visa or passport can be a long and confusing process. Application processes are unique to each country, and requirements can change at a moment’s notice—such as the recent mutual suspension of visa services between the U.S. and Turkey. It’s no wonder a recent study found that 85% of corporate travelers have a poor or mediocre experience when obtaining a visa[1]. More than just a painful chore for travelers, if done incorrectly, applying for travel documents can also result in delayed or missed trips, additional cost, or damage to a company’s business and bottom line. And with 58% of the current population requiring a visa to travel internationally[2], it’s an area of managed travel that shouldn’t be neglected.

Luckily, VisaHQ, a valued Concur App Center partner, integrates directly with Concur Travel to enable Concur clients to easily obtain visas, passports, and other required documents for international business travel.


Automation helps reduce errors, rejections and delays in the process, while having a single controlled environment for applications provides added visibility into spend and traveler data. Designed with the busy corporate traveler in mind, VisaHQ’s technology gets the job done, with more than 99.91% of applications approved on the initial submission. VisaHQ has assisted more than 500,000 business travelers requiring visa or passport services for 112 countries.

Travel management has a lot of moving parts, and VisaHQ aims to make things easy for all job functions:

  • Travelers receive proactive notifications, a personal profile and seamless expense reporting.
  • Travel arrangers can manage multiple traveler profiles, and achieve time-savings with information at their fingertips.
  • Transparent pricing helps Procurement easily budget for travel documents.
  • Travel managers get instant insight into data and increased compliance, making it easier to fulfill their duty-of-care responsibilities.

Don’t let your travelers be grounded by visa or passport issues. If you or your employees travel internationally for business, we hope you’ll check out VisaHQ in the Concur App Center.

Launched in 2013, the Concur App Center to make it easy for travelers to find and connect to apps that integrate with Concur and provide additional value for individuals and businesses. With more than 160 pre-built integrations and popular connections, the App Center extends the value of Concur by helping customers implement Concur rapidly, gain insight into spend, simplify expense reporting and help deliver the perfect trip.


[1] VisaHQ internal benchmarking study

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