Cardlay Plans Concur Expense Integration

With businesses focused on a responsible return to business travel and the corporate payment landscape rapidly evolving, finance teams are eager to modernize the travel and expense process by selecting integrated technology and payment solutions that provide a better end user experience and enhanced control over costs. SAP Concur has partnered with Cardlay, a leading fintech company based in Denmark, which recently launched a payment cloud solution that integrates issuers, processors and technology providers to enable end-to-end virtual card creation and reconciliation.

Virtual payment and integrated solutions will drive the growth of commercial payments in the future, and the SAP Concur organization will be in the forefront of driving that payment innovation as a market leader. Our work with Cardlay will allow SAP Concur customers to leverage Cardlay’s technology to easily generate virtual cards for business expenses and integrate them with the SAP Concur platform. The combination will optimize spend control and further automates the expense reporting process.

Cardlay is a foundational partner supporting our agnostic “bring your own bank” strategy, which enables customers to select their preferred financial institution, while still getting the benefits of integrated virtual card management. This ensures customers can access the best corporate payment products the market has to offer, rather than being limited to a single, proprietary card program. Of equal importance, existing SAP Concur financial services partners will be able to increase adoption and shift card spend from an employee’s personal form of payment to a corporate virtual card program while integrating their corporate payment rails via Cardlay.

Additionally, with the Cardlay virtual card integration, companies using Concur Expense will:

  • Gain pre-authorization and control of company spend before it happens
  • Leverage a mobile application that enables virtual cards for uncarded or infrequent travelers
  • Use virtual card spend controls and simplified approval workflows
  • Take advantage of automated integration and reconciliation of virtual card data in SAP Concur

We are excited to work with Cardlay to bring the benefits of virtual cards to the travel and expense industry in a way that is accessible to multiple banking partners and customers worldwide. A phased launch is targeted for late 2021 in the UK market with global expansion expected in 2022.

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