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SAP Concur Announces 2023 SAP Concur Innovation Award Winners

SAP Concur Team, Chris Juneau |

SAP Concur Fusion brings our customers and partners together with no shortage of opportunities to learn and share. Every year, we also take time to recognize customers and partners who exemplify the ways in which SAP Concur solutions can bring more certainty, efficiency, and savings to their business.  

This year, we are honoring five Innovation Award winners who share our passion for making every spending moment matter. 

Standard Chartered Bank 

At Standard Chartered Bank, the rollout of SAP Concur solutions is part of Project Aspire, the company’s financial transformation effort. In preparing for the implementation of the SAP Concur platform, the company dramatically simplified T&E policies, taking 67 pages of legalese and condensing down to a simple two-pager with easy-to-understand principles. 

In addition, SAP Concur technologies allow Standard Chartered Bank to make sustainability real. The company uses functionality within Concur User Assistant by WalkMe to deliver pop-up messages to advise employees of their carbon impact when booking flights. 

Learn more in the Standard Chartered Bank customer story video


Moving from an on-premise to a cloud solution, Merck knew it could provide a better experience for its users, improve its corporate card program, and increase policy compliance. With the help of the Concur Select Care team, Merck deployed SAP Concur solutions in more than 75 countries and issued 40,000 payment cards in the span of 10 months, completely transforming its expense process. 

With Intelligent Audit, the company inserts audits of policy prior to manager approval, increasing speed to reimbursement, reducing delinquency, and eliminating work from the system. 

Learn more in the Merck customer story video


Gallagher rolled out SAP Concur solutions in two weeks across six regions seeing massive improvements in admin and finance processes. With a focus on providing a positive user experience and driving cost savings, Gallagher streamlined its expense claims process by eliminating paper-based, time-consuming manual processes and automating its goods and services tax (GST) and fringe benefits tax (FBT) calculations. 

Learn more in the Gallagher customer story video


Our Partner Innovation Award winner is Acquis Consulting Group, a company that has been working with SAP Concur and its customers since 1998. In 2013, Acquis became one of the first certified implementation partners and since then has supported more than 225 customers in 110 countries. 

With a shared commitment to customer success, Acquis and SAP Concur bring expertise to every step of the T&E process from pre-trip through reconciliation and reimbursement. 

Learn more in the Acquis partner video

PwC Italia 

PwC has made a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030 and through enhanced reporting, alert messaging within the booking tool and improved filtering, PwC Italia has gained visibility into CO2 emissions associated with business trips and encouraged employees to make more sustainable travel choices. 

After rolling out SAP Concur solutions to its 8,000 employees in Italy, PwC Italia has made strides toward its NetZero 2030 commitment by reducing travel-related CO2 emissions by 53% since 2019. 

Hear PwC Italia’s story at the free virtual Fusion experience at 

We are proud these organizations have found success with SAP Concur solutions and it's an honor to recognize each as a 2023 SAP Concur Innovation Award winner. 

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