Protecting travelers in an unpredictable world

SAP Concur Team |

Anytime people are on the road, they may be at risk. And according to a recent Global Business Travel Association Foundation Survey (GBTA) survey, 57% of business travelers agree:


"Nowadays, any destination could be high risk.”


The complexities of modern business travel have made it more difficult than ever for you to keep your travelers safe in a crisis—whether it’s something as simple as travel delays or as serious as terror threats.


  • Do you know where every traveler is, no matter where they’ve booked their trips?
  • Do you have a handle on all the risks that may affect your travelers—no matter where they are in the world?
  • Do you have the mechanism to identify travelers at risk, effectively reach and support them, and help them get out of harm’s way?



If the answer is “no” to any of these questions,
 there may gaps to fill in your risk management program.

Because without complete and accurate data and effective protocols,
how can you be expected to find people, reach people
 and help them when they’re in need?



Download the Research: How to Close Risk Management Loopholes.


So what do you do? You start with a quick review of your program, and this new research from GBTA will help walk you through key areas like:


  1. Employee Awareness and Education

Do your people know what they’re supposed to do in a travel-related emergency and/or what resources are available? 58% said they’d call their supervisor, and that may not be the best answer.


  1. Evaluating Your Own Infrastructure

Do you have the resources to support travelers in a crisis? 60% of travel managers rely on travelers to reach out when they need help. Do you really want to leave it in their hands?


  1. Reviewing and Closing Gaps in Your Data

Pulling all your travel data together is the only way to effectively meet your duty of care. 31% of travel managers say they’re unable to support travelers who book outside their system. Can you capture all your travelers’ itineraries—no matter where they book?


Give your team safer, better travel by closing the loopholes in your travel program. Download this paper to get started.