Growth and Optimization

How Service Experts Lead the Way in Optimizing Your Travel & Expense Solution

Kyla Kent |

In the world of business travel and spending, change is constant. Companies are always growing, merging, and moving around, which means everyone needs to be ready to adapt quickly, follow new rules, and stay flexible. But don't worry—change doesn't have to be hard!  

With SAP Concur, you've got the resources and tools needed to arrive safely and smoothly. Our skilled service experts and AI-powered solutions make handling changes a breeze, so you can save time and money. Whether you need help optimizing your audit process or increasing the efficiency of your payables program, SAP Concur is here to help your company get the most out of its investment. 

What are service experts? 

When you add support services from SAP Concur, you can be sure your spending strategy, process, and solutions are ready to take on whatever challenge is next. Our experts possess a deep understanding of SAP Concur products, features, and functionalities, enabling them to offer tailored solutions, troubleshoot issues effectively, and optimize the usage of the platform for your specific needs. With SAP Concur service experts you can: 

  • Streamline and improve productivity and profitability 
  • Save time for you and your administrators 
  • Ensure flexibility when scaling your business 
  • Offer more support directly to your employees 
  • Get fast and accurate answers to service questions 

Our service experts encompass various roles, including customer support representatives, implementation consultants, account managers, and technical specialists, all working collaboratively to ensure the seamless integration and successful utilization of SAP Concur within your organization. 

Service portfolio overview 


Our portfolio offers a comprehensive suite of services – from 24/7 end-user support to administrative assistance, configuration services, reporting, auditing, integration, and more.  

Leverage the full potential 

SAP Concur empowers its customers to leverage the full potential of their solutions while streamlining processes, saving time, and boosting employee satisfaction. Our expertise and care services help your organization to:  


  • Scale support to cover more employees and more languages, so your in-house team doesn’t have to. With dedicated, 24/7 support from knowledgeable SAP Concur experts, your users can get the answers they need right away – increasing adoption, compliance, and productivity. 
  • Get insight into industry best practices – We’ll help adapt your solution to fit the changes and shifts in your business with our expert insights and recommendations on ways to improve efficiency, compliance, and the configuration of your solution.  
  • Address mission-critical issues with enhanced SLA’s and hands-on attention to proactively analyze trends and address risks to your policies, your budgets, and your process.  

You know every business change can have an impact on spending. And with these additions to your SAP Concur solutions, you can rest easily and confidently, knowing you’re ready for whatever comes next. 

Common optimization scenarios  

Here's where our customers have used our team of service experts to help alleviate the lift and ensure their company is optimized for success: 

  1. Increase user adoption: Without proper support, organizations risk suboptimal outcomes and low adoption rates. With expert guidance, organizations can navigate configuration changes, provide effective end-user support, implement policy updates, and seamlessly expand usage, ensuring maximum adoption and return-on-investment (ROI). 
  2. Create a forward-thinking solution: Increase your agility to predict and meet any future demand. Our team can ensure the integration and scalability of your solution with the implementation of industry best practices, mobile expansion, and intelligent analytics to uncover trends, so you can thrive in an ever-changing business environment. 
  3. Reduce non-compliance: Get guidance on implementing audit and spend management best practices, comprehensive end-user support, enforcing configuration restrictions, and optimizing workflows to ensure seamless compliance to reduce non-compliance and overspending. 

Get the help you need 

Companies who utilize support services are relieved of the resource drain, knowledge, and skill requirements needed to effectively provide superior support to end-users within the organization. Here are some helpful resources to get started: 

Download the tip sheet to learn how leveraging service experts can help your organization reach its goals. 

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