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Hit the Road with Mileage Tracking Automation That’s Just Right for You

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Businesses everywhere rely on employees to use their personal cars to connect with customers and make sales. Yet, mileage reimbursement too often remains a cumbersome manual process with employees stuck self-reporting their miles, which takes time, can lead to inaccuracies, and lacks an audit trail. Further, padding mileage is a known issue that can cost organizations money.

Let’s look at two solutions integrated with Concur Expense that will give your organization more accurate mileage tracking along with detailed documentation and increased visibility into car expense reimbursements:

  • Drive, a business mileage tracker that’s part of the Concur mobile app
  • Motus FAVR, an SAP Concur–endorsed app designed for workers who drive more than 5,000 miles per year

Drive makes per-mile reimbursement easier and more accurate

Part of the Concur mobile app, Drive uses your mobile phone’s sensors and GPS tracking to measure the distance driven. Drive also integrates with Google Maps, so it’s easy to see trips and remember if they’re business or personal. Available globally, the app is designed for drivers who are reimbursed on a fixed per-mile rate.

You can choose to have Drive automatically track travel during pre-set times. Whenever you travel within those timeframes, Drive will measure the distance traveled in the background without the driver needing to be in the app. There’s also an option to manually start and stop tracking a trip, which is helpful in the event of personal errands or other instances where the driver might need to switch back and forth between work and personal needs. 

Each trip is automatically added to a draft expense claim in Concur Expense. You can then submit eligible trips as personal car mileage on the expense claim, so your organization’s reimbursement rate can be automatically applied.

Fully integrated with Concur Expense, Drive has multiple benefits, including automated mileage capture, ease of use, time savings compared to manual processes, increased accuracy, detailed documentation, and greater visibility into car expense reimbursements.

Watch the video to see it in action: 


Motus FAVR targets high-mileage drivers

If you have employees in the United States who drive their personal vehicles for job-related purposes more than 5,000 miles each year, it might make sense for your business to reimburse them for car expenses using a fixed and variable rate (FAVR) instead of a fixed per-mile rate. (Both are IRS-approved methods where employees do not have to pay taxes on the reimbursement.)

The FAVR model is commonly built on six components—three fixed and three variable—all of which are incorporated into reimbursement calculations customized for each driver. Fixed costs include license and registration fees, taxes and depreciation, and insurance premiums. Variable costs include maintenance, fuel and oil, and tire wear.

If you choose to use the FAVR reimbursement, Motus FAVR is an SAP Concur–endorsed app that also fully integrates with Concur Expense. Employees use Motus FAVR to track miles in real time, review trips, and automatically generate an expense report, which is submitted monthly in Concur Expense to a manager for approval. Available in the United States, Motus FAVR is scalable and cloud-based, adjusting for fluctuations based on location, vehicle type, and other factors.

So what’s the difference?

FAVR reimbursement personalizes employee reimbursement by accounting for location-specific cost differences. This benefits both employees and your organization because reimbursement is based on actual miles driven rather than the estimated out-of-pocket vehicle usage costs. Essentially, you avoid overpaying and employees get their fair share.

Learn more in this video: 


Save money and time by automating mileage tracking

Mileage spend is consistently one of the top expense categories for many industries, but it remains an area that too often relies on manual reporting. Providing your employees with an automated solution, like Drive or Motus FAVR, makes it easier for them to accurately track mileage. Both solutions integrate with Concur Expense, which allows you to fold them seamlessly into existing administrative and reimbursement systems, giving your organization an audit trail of documentation and much improved visibility into car expense reimbursements.

Use these resources to learn more about automated mileage reimbursement

Get in touch with your SAP Concur rep to learn more about how Drive and Motus FAVR could benefit your organization.

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