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From Solutions to Support, SAP Concur Meets Your Needs

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Consider, for a moment, how well your business could run and meet today’s challenges:

  • If employees could readily work on the go and weren’t bogged down by manual tasks.
  • If travel, expense, and invoice management technology grew and adapted with your company.
  • If you had an accurate and timely view of spending, empowering decisions and improving compliance.
  • If the technology enabling all of the above was seamless, integrated, and came with support, training, and a commitment to improve.

Forrester Consulting recently found that 78% of surveyed decision-makers want a single platform to handle their business’ entire travel & expense process. In addition, 61% said improving their business’ ability to innovate and adapt is a companywide initiative.

Earning market share requires creative products, service to support the technology and the users, and a commitment to evolving as businesses do. In a new checklist, we explore four key ways that SAP Concur and our solutions can free your business to reach its potential.

4 Reasons to Move Your Business Forward with SAP Concur,

Get the checklist to learn how our solutions provide the flexibility, visibility, scalability, and support that efficient and resilient businesses seek.

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Flexibility and freedom for your teams

By automating T&E processes, you can free employees for more value-adding work, a move especially important with hiring difficult and budgets under pressure. SAP Concur solutions bring travel, expense, and invoice management into one connected platform, with easy-to-follow interfaces and connections to HR, finance, payroll, and other existing systems. They are easy to implement, and new features can be added without overburdening the IT team.

Solutions that scale with your business

Cloud-hosted, our solutions are readily adaptable and extendable as your business grows or confronts new challenges. By integrating with finance systems, you can reduce spending blind spots. With a wide range of payment options, you can pay vendors and employees in the way they prefer. A network of apps and partners lets you tackle specific challenges, like Value-Added Tax (VAT) and HST/GST reclaim and recovery, and capture spending that often gets missed, like meals and ride-shares.

More visibility and control to empower your business

The processes are automated but customized to your business needs.  With dynamic policy controls, you can automate actions based on your business’s unique rules, policies, and industry regulations, while aligning the solution to your workflows. Spending can be analyzed by category, department, or employee, so you can fine-tune processes and spot inefficiencies. You can institute pre-approvals or set audit rules to spot violations before an expense is reimbursed. With hundreds of report options and the ability to customize, businesses gain the tools insights to make better forecasts and decisions.

Committed customer service

Your business will get the most from its technology investment if it comes with proper, readily accessible support. SAP Concur deliver personalized customer service and training that’s there when your business needs it. We offer 24/7 service representatives – live ones – and regularly share best practices and other tips for specific industries. Our products adapt to the way your business works instead of the other way around.

Read on, move forward

Businesses of all sizes worldwide use SAP® Concur® solutions for their T&E processes. With more than 53,000 customers worldwide and over 80 million end users, Concur Travel and Expense are the world’s most widely adopted corporate (T&E) solutions with 49% market share.4

Get a copy of the checklist to learn how SAP Concur can be a partner in innovating and adapting.

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