Five reasons why your business technology should be easy to use

SAP Concur Team |

While it may go without saying that technology should make your life and the lives of your employees better, there are many small ways that tough-to-use tech can creep into your org and cost you more than you think.


1. Increased productivity

The easier your technology is to use, the more your employees will engage and accomplish with it as up-to-date technology is generally more user-friendly and efficient. According to a survey by Samanage, U.S. companies are wasting $2 trillion using outdated technology that limits employee productivity. Indeed, one in four workers (25.4%) report that their company's technology and policies hurt their work productivity. That complaint is even higher among millennials, with nearly 31% reporting that company technology could make their lives easier and more productive.

2. Time savings for the IT department

Besides enhancing productivity, easy-to-use, up-to-date technology also saves you time and money on training and support, reduces security risks and prevents data loss—all of which frees your IT department to focus on more mission-critical matters.

3. Prevent the use of unauthorized tech

If an application or device is difficult to use, employees often have or will find an easier solution, such as downloading and using unauthorized applications. This use of “shadow IT” can create massive headaches for your tech support staff and seriously hamper employee collaboration.

4. Less is more, and more affordable

Usability research shows that most users learn only four or five main functions of an application, so the most feature-filled, and expensive, solution, is not necessarily the best investment.

5. Reduced employee frustration

Your employees endure plenty of frustrating encounters with technology outside of the office, so it’s the last thing they need at work. And they appreciate having the tools that empower them to do their best. The more you can you can make their company tech experience rewarding and aggravation-free, the more effectively you will retain your hard-to-find talent.

Your employees may be reluctant to express their dissatisfaction with your company’s IT for fear of appearing “un-techie,” so consider surveying them on the issue. It will let them know that the quality of their work experience is your priority, and also help you identify which technologies you should simplify first.


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