Streamline invoice processing for your small business

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This is not your average accounts payable solution

Automating AP simplifies the process and eliminates costly errors. Concur Invoice for small businesses gives you full visibility into spending – so you can proactively control it. You can catch duplicate invoices, speed up vendor payments, easily manage exceptions, and track and approve invoices on your smartphone.

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Manage your business, not your invoices

If your current invoice management system involves paper receipts and spreadsheets, you’re working too hard. You need a system that improves the whole journey of an invoice: capture, process, pay. Can the solution you’re using today do that? SAP Concur can. Let your team focus on managing vendors, instead of managing invoices.

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Keep your business moving forward with AP automation

Last year, SAP Concur managed 6.7 million invoices, helping clients work faster and smarter, and process invoices in half the time. With an automated process, you and your team’s valuable time is freed up to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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As it turns out, easier is also cheaper

Automated invoicing helps you manage accounts payable while significantly reducing your invoice processing costs. Concur Invoice delivers dramatic cost savings, reduces delays and errors, and automates AP for small businesses from start to finish, saving you time and money.

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Value beyond the product

As your business changes, we’ll have the partners you need before you even know you need them. SAP Concur unites ERP and accounting systems, corporate cards, suppliers, and apps like Avalara, MedPro and WipfliLLP/Brittenford with your AP process.

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