Expense Automation Solutions: A Buyer’s Guide

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Smart, Connected Expense Automation: Why Now? 

These days, business moves at one speed – fast. Businesses are preparing for future growth in changing market conditions by modernizing, finding more efficient ways to work, and automating wherever they can. Every small step is an opportunity to identify moments where savings and reduced business risk can be achieved. Financial processes, such as expense management, are common areas to simplify and optimize because the potential payoff is significant. 

Automating expense management supports business growth and allows the flexibility to handle whatever comes your way. The events of the past few years have caused employee spending habits to change as the increase in hybrid work generates more employee spending situations. Your expense management solution must be able to adapt. 

Managing more employee spending without hiring more staff is possible when software takes over the manual work. Automating expense management makes workflows smoother, reduces the friction of approvals, and ultimately leads to faster employee reimbursement. Fewer errors and lost receipts reduce the risk of non-compliant spending and improves your team’s efficiency. 

There are also additional advantages beyond the efficiency of day-to-day expense management. Integrating expense data with your ERP or financial system allows you to see employee spending within the context of overall spending. You’ll get a better view of your financial position so you can forecast, budget, and plan with confidence. It’s possible with a connected, integrated expense management solution. 

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