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Tips to make your AP and expense processes more efficient

Automating Financial Processes: A Recipe for Wellness and Growth

We know you work hard to keep your business running. That’s why we put together this guide to help you avoid burnout. You’ll discover how you and your staff can:

  • Achieve better balance
  • Understand common stressors
  • Get your stressors in check
  • Improve efficiency and optimize time

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5 Signs Your Business is Running You

Tips to make your AP and expense processes more efficient

Join USA TODAY small business columnist Steve Strauss and SAP Concur accounts payable specialist Kellee Simmons as they discuss:

  • Signs that inefficient financial processes exist in your business
  • Best practices to mitigate or eliminate these inefficiencies
  • Why optimizing AP and expense processing (especially via automation) can reestablish results and satisfaction

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Helping a time-honored organization become more mobile

Boy Scouts of America has been operating for over 100 years. But with a team that’s always on the go, managing expenses the old-fashioned way wasn’t efficient. Find out how the organization used SAP Concur to become a productive mobile workforce that can run for another century.

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Improving the employee experience with automation

Mairs & Power CPA Luke Odegaard was bogged down in extra work caused by outdated systems. But since making the transition to Concur Expense, Odegaard can now devote his day to helping his organization grow so he can get more out of his work – and life.

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Driving healthy growth for a health-food powerhouse

Growth is good. But sometimes, trying to keep up with rapid expansion leads to overworking employees. Find out how Kelsey Letizia of RXBAR helped her team find a healthy work–life balance by switching to Concur Expense.

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Boosting employee satisfaction with faster reimbursement

Delayed expense reports were a headache for Stevens Engineers & Constructors. But submitting, tracking, and reimbursing expenses has become easier than ever since implementing Concur Expense. Now the organization can focus on what’s most important: building an engaged and motivated workforce.

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Increasing visibility for more peace of mind

As a family business, Backpocket Brewing needs visibility into finances and expenses to ensure every investment is profitable. With the tools and insights provided by Concur Expense, Backpocket’s owners have gained peace of mind and the confidence to take risks.

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