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Happy National Small Business Week

Why we love small businesses

Here at Concur, we are proud to celebrate the work of small businesses who give so much to our communities and our economy. After all, we started out as a small business ourselves. While small businesses often face limited budgets and tight cash flow, they have creative ways of doing more with less. They rise to the challenges they face with courage and persistence.

How we support small businesses

We believe small businesses should be able to focus their resources on growing their business without getting bogged down in administrative tasks. That’s why we provide cloud-based expense reporting with mobile apps, so they can effectively manage their cash flow and focus on what’s important.

What our small business customers say

Here is what one of our small business customers has to say about how we helped them.

EMI Yoshi got organized and got easy access to the reports they need to manage cash flow.

“Paper was always a problem. Lost receipts. Hundreds of pages of Excel spreadsheets to review. And, reporting was a major headache. With the Concur reporting tool, it’s just a couple of clicks, and I have what I need.”
– Hillel Zafir, CTO, EMI Yoshi, 35 Employees

We’ve helped small businesses around the world with their expense reporting, so they can focus on what they do best. We’d love to help you too.

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