Concur TMC Messaging

Travel doesn’t always go as planned. Your customers will appreciate services provided proactively in times of need, whether a flight cancelation or more serious disruption.

A single platform to support every traveler

Concur TMC Messaging gives agents everything they need to locate and support every business traveler in times of need.


Do your customers feel stranded when something unexpected disrupts their travel plans? Without the right tools, your agents won’t be able to provide urgent assistance.


With TMC Messaging, your agents can track every travel disruption and track down and communicate with every traveler, wherever they are and however they booked their travel.


You’ll gain the simplest way to care for your clients’ travelers and help keep them safe, while creating a new source of revenue for your agency.

Features of Concur TMC Messaging

Real-time Data

Pinpoint any traveler on a visual, global interactive map using itinerary and location data that’s consolidated and updated every 20 minutes.

Intelligent workflows

Define automated intelligent workflows based on disruption levels and receive information on events around the clock.

Agent Notification

Notify agents instantly of any disruption big or small, so they can take measures to support affected travelers.

Two-way Communication

Hold two‐way communication with your travelers via App, email and SMS, and verify messages are received.

Automated Messaging

Deliver automated, trigger-based messages to travelers, improving service and reducing operational costs.