What your business needs and travelers want, in one place

Find the right solutions for your business.

Keep your travel in one place and you can go anywhere

Integrate your entire travel network – from where you stay to how you get there – into one, easy-to-use system. Travelers get an integrated itinerary and you’ll get a more complete, accurate picture of your spending, making it easier to control costs, contain risk, increase employee productivity and go wherever business takes you.

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Easily guide travelers to make the right decision

SAP Concur makes it easy to guide travelers to make in-policy travel decisions while delivering a simpler, better traveler experience. Travelers can easily book flights, hotels and cars from a desktop or mobile device while staying compliant, giving you the control you need.

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Balancing company needs and travelers’ wants

The distance between your company’s needs and your travelers’ demands is shrinking. SAP Concur delivers travel tools designed to give you visibility, efficiency and savings, while allowing travelers to book where and how they want. More than 45 million employees book travel and process expenses to prove it.

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Control travel costs before they’re incurred

Manage employee travel expenses more effectively. With Concur Request, you can budget for employee expenses before they’re incurred using a customizable pre-spend control, request and approval process. Concur Request integrates with our travel and expense solutions to bring you budget insights and projected cost analysis.

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Value beyond travel booking

When your people are on the road, you want to be able to locate, communicate with and support them in any situation – from travel delays to terror alerts. You care about your employees, and Concur Locate provides the most comprehensive, accurate and timely location data to help keep them safe wherever they travel.

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