Opening Keynote | SAP Concur Fusion 2022


Hear from SAP Concur leaders about our latest vision and strategies, get a sneak peek into new products, and gain insights from industry experts and customers.

Featured speakers:
Julia White, Chief Marketing & Solutions Officer, SAP
David Hamilton, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP Concur
Fred Fredericks, Chief Technology Officer, SAP Concur
Mari-Frances Bentvelzen, Head and GM of Global SMB, SAP Concur
Fiona Ashley, VP, Travel Marketing, SAP Concur
Jessica Staley, VP Product Strategy, SAP Concur
Anita Marsh, VP, Global SMB Marketing, SAP Concur

Note: This session was originally presented at SAP Concur Fusion 2022 (Virtual Experience) on March 17, 2022. For more information about the event, please visit Questions? Contact