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Gain visibility into employee-initiated spend and increase your cash-flow and bottom line through actionable insights. Changes in technology are affecting every way you do business— including how you manage your employee spend. Spend data now comes from multiple sources. As a result, tracking and managing employee-initiated spending is getting harder and harder. With Concur Analytics, you can simplify your employee spend management process by consolidating your data. We integrate and

organize your data—Concur Expense, Concur Invoice, and TripLink into one, simple, easy-to-access view of your total spend. Allow your entire organization, your managers and employees to get the information they need to control spending as it happens—or even before it happens. With this tool, you will see all your employee-initiated spending in one place, manage your spending and control cashflow with at-a-glance insights, and spot trends in order to help you negotiate with vendors to reduce costs. The insights are delivered right to your inbox, as you will receive instant alerts to the insights you need to take action and can schedule automatic delivery of dashboards and reports that contain budget-saving tips. The dashboards are easily personalized, giving you the spending knowledge your organization expects.